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Entry #1

Once upon a time a very long time ago...

2013-08-30 03:10:32 by TheDevilsAdmin

I used to be active here, anyway back from my, what is it? 2 year hiatus?
In the time I was gone I have become quite adept at multiple kinds of art and my software development has become a lot more sophisticated.

During that time I have since long abandoned nexhit games, which wasn't much but a side project anyway and I have co-formed a company, the company website is irrelevant right now as we haven't released any products just yet but my personal/dev blog may be ← my blog.

Oh and my DeviantART account may be as well

On that matter it should be worth noting that I am taking requests as well as already working on a bunch of projects

aaaaaaaaaanyway I'll just stop here since *no one* is bound to see this due to my 2 year hiatus, even if someone used to look for updates from me they're bound to have stopped a long time ago.


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